3 Stone
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Three or 3 Stone diamond engagement rings have long been a favorite of many brides to be and at Gem of a Diamond you will find many to choose from. A 3 stone ring provides numerous possibilities to those shopping for on. The center stone could either be a Diamond or an Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire and such a case the two shoulder stones which flank the center stone can be diamonds. With a diamond at center many will chose diamonds for shoulder stones or some will opt for color such a intense or vivid blue pair of sapphires or even fancy colored diamonds.

By choosing a 3 stone ring the total carat weight of the ring can be increased greatly and at a much lower price than increasing the size and weight of the center stone by the same amount, because of this many consider three stone rings to be excellent value for the money.

Our three stone engagement rings are provided by world class yet affordable designers such as Gregorio, Tacori, Babiki, Vanna K, Stardust and more.