When it comes to popular fine jewelry, Tacori
rings top consumer demand, and you can buy
every Tacori style number through Gem of a
Diamond. We're one of the select fine jewelry
dealers who specialize in Tacori products at
substantially less than MSRP. Since we focus on
overstock, closeouts, and buying inventory from
dealers who have lost their Tacori dealership, we
are able to offer you wholesale pricing on
Authentic Tacori goods.

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Authentic Tacori at Gem of a Diamond

Because we are technically not an "authorized Tacori dealer," we are able to circumvent the tightly controlled, non discounted, Tacori dealer network pricing. Our position in the market makes a Tacori ring substantially more affordable, where it normally wouldn't be through the non discounting retail network. The savings can then be reinvested into a larger and/or higher quality diamond, which will meet the finest Gem of a Diamond Quality standard. For the style numbers we don't have in stock, we have access to any Tacori style number of you're choosing at discounted prices, we will get it ordered for you. Looking for a wedding set? In the market for an emerald ring? Maybe you'd like to replace your husband's plain gold band with a designer men's platinum band by Tacori. You'll find it all when you shop Gem of a Diamond.

Authentic Tacori quality

The element that sets Tacori apart from other quality jewelry is the exceptional care their artisans take with handcrafting the exclusive designs. It doesn't stop there, however. All Tacori rings are individually inspected to ensure that they meet Tacori's exacting standards for beauty and quality. It's benchmarks like these that have set Tacori apart as market leaders for premium design and exquisite craftsmanship, and Gem of a Diamond is proud to be able to offer this beautiful and tasteful line of fine jewelry.

Gem of a Diamond deals only with natural stones so buying Tacori rings from us is like getting a double guarantee of quality. You know that the jewelry we sell will precisely match the description we give you and, when it carries the Tacori name, you can count on the gemstones to be brilliant, expertly cut and masterfully set in gold and platinum settings that display the signature Tacori crescent silhouettes in addition to other sophisticated embellishments. Many of you have never experienced such a unique blend of antique style with contemporary design. When any old ring won't do, come to Gem of a Diamond for the exceptional pieces you won't find anywhere else.