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Greg Emirzyan, owner of Gregorio Jewelry company, is a master jeweler designing works of art. Greg's passion for jewelry designing started in 1989. Back then he was employed by a jewelry manufacturer but he always longed for owning his own jewelry business creating his own designs. Greg started Gregorio Jewelry company in 1995, since then it has been the hallmark of contemporary engagement rings.

The Gregorio is associated with outstanding value for the money, using more precious metal and high quality diamonds that nearly all other designers do. Most builds are very robust, built to stand the test of time.

Gregorio Jewelry has strived to create the most exquisitely detailed, perfectly finished fine jewelry. All styles are unique and inspired by today’s lifestyle. Designs can be contemporary to classic, infused with the best of both worlds and introduces you to an exceptional keepsake for generations to come.

Gregorio also does exceptional custom work, submit your request through Gem of a Diamond to access Gregorio's world class custom design skill set.