Diamonds & Gemstones, Polished & Rough

GEM OF A DIAMOND serves the gemstone industry in a true B2B capacity by supplying fine boutiques and dealers across the world with Exceptional Private Unlisted High Value Gemstones including: White/Colorless and Natural Fancy Colored Polished Diamonds, Unoiled Columbian, Brazilian and Zambian Emeralds, Unheated Burmese & Mozambique Rubies, Unheated Burmese, Ceylon and Kashmir Sapphires and other in demand gemstone types such as Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline.

We are highly effective hunters of the rarest gemstones in the world through vast intelligence gathering. Our international network extends from North America to Israel, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, HK/China, Australia, Columbia, Brazil and beyond. Professional process with efficient end to end logistics. Secure closings worldwide. LOI's, Buyer Due Diligence, Identity Verification, POF, Deposits/Escrows arranged, Purchase & Sale Agreements NCNDA's, Seller & Buyer Mandate Agreements, Broker working/partnership agreements.

We attend major shows such as Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, Baselworld Switzerland & JCK Las Vegas. We also supply KPC Rough Diamonds as we are in direct partnership with site holders of both White/Colorless and Fancy Colored Diamonds.

No gemstone sourcing request is too difficult for us to undertake, we have a both a broad and a deep understanding of the market and where to secure the seemingly impossible.

Precious Metals Trading

GEM OF A DIAMOND, through its Parent Company, The Monetary Man Incorporated, serves the Gold Dore and Bullion Market at the Institutional level by brokering long term contracts between gold mines, gold distributors and high volume buyers such as gold refineries, bullion banks & large jewelry manufacturing chains. We offer gold miners a selection of elite institutional buyers from around the world who will pick up dore via private plane and/or receive incoming shipments with quick settlement and bank guarantees in place during assay testing periods of 72 hours or less, settlement in full immediately thereafter. We seek to improve a mines expansion capability and overall efficiency through improved margins with fast turn around times and the stability of having all gold on hand pre sold via contract, including the reserves still in the ground.