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Gem of a Diamond offers Stuller semi mount engagement rings in all styles, from simple yet elegant all the way to very intricate designs. Stuller offer solitaires and three-stone rings, and rings with side stones and other enhancements such as channel settings, pave settings, beading, filigree engraving and halo ring designs. Established in 1970, Stuller in an industry giant with a many designs to choose from.

A semi-mount engagement ring is the engagement ring setting without the center stone (rings come with complimentary cubic zirconia at center). A semi-mount engagement ring mounting offers you the flexibility to customize your ring by selecting the perfect center diamond for her taste, including the size, cut, color, and clarity.

If you want a specific diamond shape or cut, look for a semi-mount that accommodates that shape of stone. If the design of your engagement ring is more important than the cut of the diamond, select the semi-mount engagement ring mounting first and then choose a diamond. Gem of a Diamond can provide you with a quality loose diamond for your ring in any cut or size to turn your semi mount into a finished engagement ring. Our prices cannot be beat as we often buy directly from diamond mines who cut and polish their own goods.